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Rack-It Lumber Racks 

Super Strong Tubular, Paintable & Fit OVER your canopy & boxes


is the rack you've been looking for, period. We've searched high and low to find just the right rack for your truck and now we have it. It's Rackit and they're Tubular for strength and good looks. It comes apart where it should for easy loading from the rear and even a lift truck loadable model. And it's paintable so you can match your truck. And best of all it fits OVER your canopy so you don't have to go with out it. Rackit racks, sold by the best, for the best! E mail us rickboyce@oip.net or call us about the best rack we AND our Customers have found. It simply works better.

And look...

This one's been painted to match the truck. Nice isn't it? And very professional. Here you can see how it fits over truck boxes & a crew cab!

This is THE rack. So..
we have lots of them IN STOCK For YOU..Call for Installed Prices INSTALLED..

And when you need stuff to put on the rack.. Give us a call!

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